Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sober Corps different from support groups such as AA?

Sober Corps supports 12-step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) because it requires Sober Corps candidates to regularly attend these meetings and to have a sponsor. Sober Corps provides a network for recovering alcoholics and addicts that extends beyond the recovery community. Sober Corps’ emphasis is on life skills and assisting the recovering person in creating a new network to meet his or her housing, employment, spiritual and other needs.

Who are the Sober Corps mentors?

Sober Corps mentors are seasoned members of the community who have been successful in their professional and personal lives. All Sober Corps mentors are volunteers. The mentors are either in recovery themselves (they are required to have a minimum of five years of sobriety) or have a strong understanding of addiction and recovery.

Does Sober Corps provide professional counseling?

No. Sober Corps does not have licensed professional counselors on staff. Sober Corps is not a treatment center or halfway house. Sober Corps is truly a community with the intent to welcome and support individuals who are working on their recovery. Sober Corps does not provide counseling services but rather provides mentorship and non-enabling guidance from our volunteers.

What will my mentor and I do and talk about?

You will meet regularly to develop your personal goals and create steps for how to achieve them. Your mentor will help to keep you on a course of success.

What kind of training is involved for mentors?

Initially Sober Corps will provide several training sessions led by social workers, recovering alcoholics or addicts, and seasoned mentors. Throughout the course of a mentor’s commitment, there will be quarterly mentor meetings to discuss successes and challenges as mentors. In between these meetings, Sober Corps staff as well as volunteer professionals are available for questions as they arise.

Is there a charge for the Sober Corps program?

No. Sober Corps is unique in that it does not require funding from government, insurance companies or individuals.  Sober Corps is able to provide services due to the large pool of dedicated volunteers, strong partnerships and dedicated financial investors in the program.

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