Sober Corps to Host Third Annual 12-hole Golf Tournament

Sober Corps, a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting chemical addiction recovery programs, has announced that it will host its third annual 12 Holes for 12 Steps golf tournament. The event is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2013, at Braemar Golf Course in Edina, Minn. Sober Corps will also host a silent auction to follow the 12 holes of golf. All event proceeds provide broad-based support for Sober Corps’ mission of helping people achieve their first year of freedom from chemical addiction through life-skills mentorship, training and networking.

Fred Myers, president of Sober Corps, said, “The third annual event marks the tournament as a tradition – something we are very excited about. The 12-hole format is a little different, a lot of fun and speaks to the value of second chances. That’s what Sober Corps is all about – understanding that recovering from chemical dependency and a destructive lifestyle requires support and a second chance, and with those, a better, more balanced life is attainable.”

Sober Corps has adopted the 12-hole format to highlight the significance of the 12-step process associated with chemical dependency recovery programs and to allow for a more manageable time commitment from participants. Each foursome will play nine holes and then play three of the nine holes a second time, recording only their best scores on each of those three holes. “This is where the idea of a second chance comes into play,” Myers explained. “With the right tools and assistance, anyone has the potential to make a change. We provide support to our clients at a critical junction in their recovery process to help them acquire needed skills and ensure that they retain hope and drive during the challenging journey.”

Myers continued, “Over the last two years, we have benefited immensely from our sponsors, and their generosity has allowed us to direct event proceeds straight to where the organization needs them most. Even as a smaller organization, we have seen firsthand how great an impact our programs can have on the path to recovery. This, in turn, benefits the community as a whole. Participants strive every day to mend and build relationships, to attain lasting jobs and improved housing situations, and to smoothly reintegrate back into society. With funds from the tournament, we can continue to develop and grow our programs and workshops.”

Sober Corps, founded in 2007, places emphasis on building life skills and assisting persons in recovery with creating a new network to meet their housing, employment, spiritual and other needs, especially during the fragile first year of recovery. With a growing roster of mentors, Sober Corps volunteers give one-on-one support and guidance to strengthen the recovery process. Services are provided at no cost to participants in the program. The organization’s Life Launch workshops, a series of free 90-minute life-skills education workshops, are designed to give participants the tools to be successful in all areas of life. Life Launch programs are open to everyone in the recovery community.